Piece of heaven
Nepal is a destination of world's most beautiful lakes that everybody must see before they die.
Experience the Himalayas
Nepal first came into world focus when Tenzing and Hillary conquered Mt. Everest. Ever since, there have been countless expeditions heading off to the Himalayas. With eight of world's highest peaks within Nepal's boundaries, there is tremendous interest in the Nepal Himalaya.
Get ready to fly over mountains and beautiful lakes of Nepal
Paragliding is perhaps the most rewarding of short duration adventure sports given the fact that there’s nothing between you and the scenery unfolding before you. This sport comes closest to flying like a bird as you share airspace with vultures, eagles, kites and other birds as you glide over Pokhara valley. In the distance lie the majestic Himalayas and down below are the villages, monasteries, temples, lakes and jungles, a true bird’s eye view and a fascinating one at that.
Get ready to see world's unique festival
Everything festive in Nepal traditionally begins with something religious and moves with spontaneous spirit into a pleasant family feast. This is because, for Nepali's, relegion has always influenced and has been the core of Nepali culture.
Feel the real heat of Rafting
For adventure seekers, rafting is the perfect way for an extended adventure on the river to get your adrenaline pumping to a new high. Nepal has some of the best rivers for rafting. Rafting trips for some is the highlight of their stay in Nepal.
Ultimate Jeep Adventure of your life over mountaints
Etourchannel.Com will be delighted to serve you world class jeep adventure over mountains and hilly areas which you will never forget in your life.
About Us

eTourChannel Dear friends & cooperators,

I am humble to welcome you to E-tourchannel.com, one of the innovative Destination Management Company from the top of the world!

E-tourchannel.com provides diversified and complete services on Destination Management Industry in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. According to the preference of clients, we offer Pilgrimage and Cultural Tours, Special Interest Tours, Trekking, Peak Climbing, Adventure Tours, White Water Rafting, Jungle Safari and 4x4 Jeep Expeditions with all kind of X-Sports. All our adventure products run through our Exclusive brand “Xtrip Nepal”.

We offer the best programs suitable for any category of the clients, whether they are solo travelers, in a family or a group. All of them are unique in standard and that are output of our rigorous research on travel and tours related packages with inclusion of our valued clients experience and feedback. Our strength is honored by numerous awards we received from various organizations for our contributions to the travel industry.

Our MICE tourism department is professional in handling any kind of Meetings, Incentives, Congresses & Events. We have experience in handling big incentive movements from some of the world renowned companies. We are competent providers of all services required for organizing and running such events, including all activities prior to the event, running the event proper at the venue and a comprehensive follow-up. Sometimes you need something that extra bit special; something tailored to your specific needs to really get your message across.

We serve you best despite of your geographic location through the branch offices in Lhasa, Paro along with our head office in Kathmandu. Because, we do not subcontract any third parties, our packages are cost effective with quality remain. We are one of the very few companies that operate its own fleet of vehicles to maintain its high standards of services.

Our strength combines the fact that our operations in Tibet and Bhutan are operated by ourselves, including Tibetan qualified local guides. We employ licensed guides fluent in most of the major languages required for our tours: English, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, French, etc.

Our staffs have been handpicked for their dedication and excellence in their respective fields. Our Inbound tourists averaged 3000 last year who came from our valued strategic partner doing operations in Europe, Middle East and U.S.A.

E-tourchannel.com has one of the largest infrastructures in tourism industry of Nepal with excellent public relations. We are proud for not compromising with our service quality. Focusing on our strength and partnered key agent, we have been successfully operating their trips in this region. We shall be interested in representing you too in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India as we are confident that our capable team can handle you and your clients very effectively.

At E-tourchannel.com we are always delighted to hear your thoughts on any area of our organization, whether it be a general enquiry or a specific concern. As we are in process of expansion, we are looking forward to make a good partnership with your agency. Our team responds your queries within 48 hrs. If you have any urgent queries, please mark it as high priority, which will be responded to you as soon as we will receive the message. For more information, please go through the following link: http://www.e-tourchannel.com/Etour/ContactUs.aspx

Yours sincerely,
Kiran Pokhrel CEO

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At etourchannel.Com we are always delighted to hear your thoughts on any area of our services, whether it be a general enquiry or a specific concern.

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