(58 Days)

We provide full support including all tents, all meals at BC and on the mountain, all oxygen, good walkie talkies, better than 1:1 sherpa ratio, satellite phones, internet-email to keep your sponsors and family happy and up to date, rescue service and plenty more, all managed by Jamie McGuinness who has summitted Everest four times previously, and ten other 8000m summits.


Trip length: 58 Days
Starts in: Kathmandu
Ends in: Kathmandu 
Group size: Maximum 12 
Accommodation: Hotel, Lodge and camping 
Transportation: 4WD Land cruiser with support truck, flight
Maximum altitude: 8848m


Day 1 - Arrive Kathmandu 1350m

Days 2-3 in Kathmandu

4 - trek Namche 3450m

5 - Namche

6 - Namche

7 - trek Pangboche 3900m

8 - trek Dingboche 4300m

9 - Dingboche

10 - trek Thugla 4620m

11 - trek Lobuche 4935m

12 - trek Gorak Shep 5180m

13 - trek Everest Base Camp

14-50 - climbing

51 - packing

52 - trek Pheriche

53 - trek Pangboche

54 - trek Namche

55 - trek Lukla

56 - fly Kathmandu

57 - Kathmandu debrief

58 - depart

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Detailed Itinerary

Why go with us?

We have been safe and successful multiple times. Everything we have works, and works well. We have great radios with extra batteries and they even take AA batteries, so never run out. Our laptops work but very few others do, we have power sorted out. Our sherpas are loyal, organized and honest, and have worked with Jamie many times on 8000m peaks, including Everest. We have good relations with all the administrative staff, and especially the liaison officers, and have a long history of successful expeditions in Tibet.

What is included?

In Kathmandu

We pick you up at the airport and provide a single hotel room so you can spread gear out, and our store with a huge grassy area is just around the corner. Because we provide all tents, oxygen, dehy meals on the mountain etc, you should be able to get to Kathmandu without extra freight charges (which can be BIG, sometimes).


We handle all the paperwork for the Chinese visa and all the Tibet travel and climbing permits. All sightseeing, hotels (double rooms), and meals are included.

Base Camp and ABC

At base camp we have a permanent kitchen with cook and helpers, large dining tent and smaller ones as required, solar power and/or generator for recharging, radio contact with ABC and camps on the mountain, and internet. We provide 1 BC tent per member (a two-three person tent). We provide three good meals a day and afternoon tea, plus all hot drinks and boiled water for drinking. At ABC we provide the same.

We have good solar power systems providing 12v, 115v and 230v, so you can charge all digital cameras, video cameras, battery packs and laptops.

We have two laptops available for exclusive use of our teams. Email via Outlook is free. Alternatively for heavier laptop users please bring your own but you must have a 12v adaptor to charge it. Note that not all laptops work at 5000m+.

You can surf the web too, but in the past it was expensive. For 2008 we are looking at new arrangements for this.


All mountain tents and meals (a good variety; Enertia are our favorites), gas and stoves are included. Fixed rope charges are included. The sherpas are responsible for stocking all the camps; carrying the oxygen, tents, gas and meals. They normally climb separately from the team until the summit push. The sherpas don't carry your personal gear (but you can pay extra for a personal sherpa).

We climb on the mountain mostly as a team or two with the guide and assistant guide. You can climb up to North Col alone as well though.


We use Poisk oxygen and will have up to 5x 4 litre bottles available for each climber. For C3 to the summit all oxygen is Poisk, factory-new. No refilled. We include sherpa oxygen separately.

Weather reports

With good internet we have access to a variety of weather reports, and we subscribe to a paid weather forecast too. Judging the weather is one of the most important issues surrounding climbing Everest.

Emergency evacuation

We have a PAC bag usually stationed at ABC, and emergency oxygen at ABC and BC, plus full medical kits. If you have to leave the mountain early alone or as two people then there will be a charge of $700. If you are a group of three or four then there is unlikely to be a charge but it may be a while before your baggage arrives in Kathmandu.


We have a comprehensive medical kit at BC and ABC. You should be prepared with a SMALL personal med kit for on the mountain. Jamie is used to dealing with altitude issues and intestinal problems and other minor medical issues.

We have a doctor available for consultations for our 2008 expedition.


We remove all garbage from ABC to BC, and this includes toilet waste. This is then disposed of by the Chinese. We plan to remove toilet waste from at least North Col too.


Although we all travel in together, you can leave separately provided you are 3-4 climbers travelling together. Our office in Kathmandu holds your international tickets and so can arrange flights out to suit.


You must book and pay a $5000 deposit AT LEAST 3 months prior to the expedition start to guarantee the availability of tents, oxygen etc. (You should also book you international flights at least 3 months, and better 6 months in advance...)


This is your choice. It is sometimes possible to get insurance for 8000m peaks thru your national alpine club; the BMC in the UK and American Alpine Club offer particularly good packages. There is no helicopter rescue possible in Tibet so evacuation is by Landcruiser to Kathmandu, and should cost around US$700. There is one particularly good clinic in Kathmandu otherwise the nearest high standard hospital is Singapore or Bangkok. All our Nepali staff are insured.


Everest is the highest mountain on the planet and despite some of the publicity it is not 'easy' or even 'straightforward'. It is a very serious peak and bad judgment or even bad luck can be fatal up there. Even with the best companies the risk of death and frostbite is real.

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To get Dates and Rates of the package please Contact Us.
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