Piece of heaven
Nepal is a destination of world's most beautiful lakes that everybody must see before they die.
Experience the Himalayas
Nepal first came into world focus when Tenzing and Hillary conquered Mt. Everest. Ever since, there have been countless expeditions heading off to the Himalayas. With eight of world's highest peaks within Nepal's boundaries, there is tremendous interest in the Nepal Himalaya.
Get ready to fly over mountains and beautiful lakes of Nepal
Paragliding is perhaps the most rewarding of short duration adventure sports given the fact that there’s nothing between you and the scenery unfolding before you. This sport comes closest to flying like a bird as you share airspace with vultures, eagles, kites and other birds as you glide over Pokhara valley. In the distance lie the majestic Himalayas and down below are the villages, monasteries, temples, lakes and jungles, a true bird’s eye view and a fascinating one at that.
Get ready to see world's unique festival
Everything festive in Nepal traditionally begins with something religious and moves with spontaneous spirit into a pleasant family feast. This is because, for Nepali's, relegion has always influenced and has been the core of Nepali culture.
Feel the real heat of Rafting
For adventure seekers, rafting is the perfect way for an extended adventure on the river to get your adrenaline pumping to a new high. Nepal has some of the best rivers for rafting. Rafting trips for some is the highlight of their stay in Nepal.
Ultimate Jeep Adventure of your life over mountaints
Etourchannel.Com will be delighted to serve you world class jeep adventure over mountains and hilly areas which you will never forget in your life.
Nepali is the official language of Nepal, with over 93 other languages and dialects spoken as mother-tongues in different parts of the country. Nepali is of the Indo-Aryan family of languages brought from central Asia by the Aryans. The original Old Indo-Aryan language gave rise to Sanskrit from which Nepali derives. Nepali uses the Devanagri script (the script of the city of the gods, sometimes known as Nagari) which derived from the Brahmi script of ancient India. 

Most ethnic groups have their own languages and some like the Rais have many dialects spoken in the various regions where they live. Newars, Rais, Limbus, Lepchas all have their own script which are still in use. One of the most well-known script is the Ranjana Lipi used by the Newar people. They have used various other scripts over the centuries. In the tarai regions, various languages like Maithili, Hindi and others are spoken. Most people can speak Nepali, which is the lingua franca of Nepal.

English is widely spoken in the cities and with more and more schools teaching in the English medium, a large population of the younger generation can speak English.  Both English and Nepali are used for official purposes. 

Foreign students can study Nepali (spoken and Devanagari script), Newari, Sanskrit and Tibetan languages at the Bishwa Bhasha Campus (at Bhrikutimandap) of Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu. They may pursue BA and MA studies in the Nepali language at the Department of Nepali Studies, Tribhuvan University in Kirtipur. 
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